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Undertak - Krav och provning

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This European Standard covers membranes, individual substructure components, substructure kits and suspended ceiling kits intended to be placed on the market. It covers suspended ceilings sold as a complete kit, substructures placed on the market as kits, individual components (products) of such substructures, and membrane components. It includes test methods and methods of assessment, as well as provisions for the evaluation of conformity and for the marking of the products to the requirements of this European Standard.
In the absence of any other European Standard, this European Standard specifies dimensions, tolerances and, where relevant, performance requirements, for commonly available ceiling substructures and membrane components.
This European Standard covers the following characteristics:
- reaction to fire;
- fire resistance (suspended ceiling kits only);
- release and/or content of dangerous substances:
- release of asbestos (content) (suspended ceiling kits and membrane components only);
- release of formaldehyde (suspended ceiling kits and membrane components only);
- other dangerous substances;
- shatter properties (safe breakage)/impact resistance (for suspended ceiling kits and membrane components of brittle materials in suspended ceiling kits only);
- flexural tensile strength;
- load bearing capacity, tolerances and dimensions;
- electrical safety (as adequacy of the product to avoid electrocution from installations that may be part of the assembled ceiling, using electricity, such as ventilation devices and lighting);
- direct airborne sound insulation (suspended ceiling kits only);
- sound absorption (suspended ceiling kits and membrane components only);
- thermal conductivity (suspended ceiling kits and membrane components only);
- susceptibility to the growth of harmful micro-organisms;
- resistance to fixings (relevant for components that are mechanically fixed);
- durability of flexural tensile strength and load bearing capacity against moi...


Innertak, golv, trappor (91.060.30) Undertak (92.300.92) Byggnadsutformning (94.100)


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Fastställd: 2014-03-16

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Ersätter: SS-EN 13964:2004 , SS-EN 13964:2004/A1:2006