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Vattenundersökningar - Bestämning av totalhalt cyanid och fri cyanid genom flödesanalys (FIA och CFA) - Del 1: Metod med flödesinjektion (FIA) (ISO 14403-1:2012)

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This part of ISO 14403 specifes methods for the determination of cyanide in various types of water (such as ground, drinking, surface, leachate, and waste water) with cyanide concentrations from 2 µg/l to 500 µg/l expressed as cyanide ions in the undiluted sample. The range of application can be changed by varying the operation conditions, e.g. by diluting the original sample or using a different injection volume.

In this part of ISO 14403, a suitable mass concentration range from 20 µg/l to 200 µg/l is described.

Seawater can be analysed with possible changes in sensitivity and adaptation of the reagent and calibration solutions to the salinity of the samples.


Undersökning av vatten efter kemiska substanser (13.060.50)


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Framtagen av: Kemiska vattenundersökningar, SIS/TK 424

Internationell titel: Water quality - Determination of total cyanide and free cyanide using flow analysis (FIA and CFA) - Part 1: Method using flow injection analysis (FIA) (ISO 14403-1:2012)

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Fastställd: 2012-07-27

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