Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN ISO 14644-3:2005

Renhetsteknik - Renrum och tillhörande renhetskontrollerade miljöer - Del 3: Provningsmetoder (ISO 14644-3:2005)

Status: Upphävd · Ersätts av: SS-EN ISO 14644-3:2019

This part of ISO 14644 specifies test methods for designated classification of airborne particulate cleanliness and for characterizing the performance of cleanrooms and clean zones. Performance tests are specified for two types of cleanrooms and clean zones: those with unidirectional flow and those with non-unidirectional flow, in three possible occupancy states: as-built, at-rest and operational. The test methods recommend test apparatus and test procedures for determining performance parameters. Where the test method is affected by the type of cleanroom or clean zone, alternative procedures are suggested. For some of the tests, several different methods and apparatus are recommended to accommodate different end-use considerations. Alternative methods not included in this part of ISO 14644 may be used if based on agreement between customer and supplier. Alternative methods do not necessarily provide equivalent measurements. This part of ISO 14644 is not applicable to the measurement of products or of processes in cleanrooms or separative devices.


Rena rum och rena zoner (13.040.35)


Språk: Engelska

Framtagen av: Renhetsteknik, SIS/TK 108

Internationell titel: Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments - Part 3: Test methods (ISO 14644-3:2005)

Artikelnummer: STD-43526

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Fastställd: 2005-12-22

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Ersätts av: SS-EN ISO 14644-3:2019