Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 1757-3

Maskinsäkerhet - Industritruckar - Manuellt drivna industritruckar med gående förare - Del 3: Plattformstruckar

Status: Gällande

1.1 This European Standard applies to pedestrian propelled industrial platform trucks as defined in clause 3.1 with a rated capacity up to and including 1 000 kg, hereinafter referred to as "trucks" and designed for general purposes. 1.2 This standard does not apply to: - shopping trolleys referred to in EN 1929 Parts 1 to 6 (CEN/TC 291); - roll containers referred to in EN 12674 Parts 1 to 4 (CEN/TC 261); - trucks that are intended to be towed by powered vehicles. 1.3 This standard deals with the technical requirements to minimise the hazards listed in clause 4 which can arise during commissioning, operation and maintenance of trucks when carried out in accordance with the specifications as intended by the manufacturer. 1.4 This standard does not establish the additional requirements for: - operation in severe conditions (e.g. extreme environmental conditions such as: freezer applications, high temperatures, corrosive environment); - operation subject to special rules (e.g. potentially explosive atmospheres); - handling of loads the nature of which could lead to dangerous situations (e.g. molten metal, acids/alcalies, radiating materials, specially brittle loads); - hazards occurring during construction, transportation, decommissioning and disposal; - direct contact with foodstuffs; - operation on gradients or on surfaces other than smooth, level, hard surfaces; - trucks designed for special applications : trucks used in hospitals, dinner, trolley; - trucks fitted with hinged or sliding doors. 1.5 Other possible limitations of the scope of other standards referred to that also apply to this standard. 1.6 Hazards relevant to noise, vibration, visibility and static electricity are not dealt with in this standard. 1.7 This standard applies to trucks manufactured after the date of issue.


Industritruckar (14.200) Industritruckar (53.060)


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Framtagen av: Industritruckar, SIS/TK 221

Internationell titel: Safety of industrial trucks - Pedestrian controlled manual and semi-manual trucks - Part 3: Platform trucks

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Fastställd: 2002-12-06

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