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Kemiska desinfektionsmedel och antiseptiska medel - Kvantitativt carriertest för maskinell automatiserad luftburen rumsdisinfektion - Bestämning av baktericid, fungicid, jästcid, sporcid, tuberkulocid, mykobaktericid, virucid och fagocid aktivitet inom det medicinska området, det veterinärmedicinska området, och livsmedels-, industri-, hem- och institutionsmiljöer - Testmetoder och krav fas 2, steg 2

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The test methods described are designed to determine the disinfectant activity of processes used in the 1) medical area, 2) veterinary area, 3) food, industrial, domestic and institutional area using automated processes for distributing chemicals by air diffusion with no operator manually applying the disinfectant. This document covers the disinfection of nonporous surfaces but not that of the air. The objective of the described processes is to disinfect the surfaces of the overall area including the external surfaces of the equipment contained in such rooms. Air handling and products or processes specifically designed for the disinfection of medical devices are excluded from the scope of this document. The test methods and volumes described provide a defined challenge. This document is applicable to processes for which activity is claimed against the following groups of microorganisms: — vegetative bacteria, — mycobacteria, — bacterial spores, — yeasts, — fungal spores, — viruses, — bacteriophages. This document does not cover processes for which the mode of action is based on immersing and/or circulation, flooding, spraying, wiping or other processes where the product is directly applied to the surfaces and not via air dispersion.


Desinficeringsmedel och antiseptika (11.080.20) Kemikalier för desinficering inom hushåll och industri (71.100.35)


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Internationell titel: Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics - Methods of airborne room disinfection by automated process - Determination of bactericidal, mycobactericidal, sporicidal, fungicidal, yeasticidal, virucidal and phagocidal activities

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