Standard Svensk standard · SS-ISO 24431:2006

Gasflaskor - Gasflaskor för komprimerade och kondenserade gaser (exklusive acetylene) - Kontroll vid fyllning (ISO 24431:2006, IDT)

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This International Standard specifies the inspection requirements at the time of filling, and applies to seamless or welded transportable gas cylinders made of steel or aluminium alloy for liquefied or compressed gases (excluding acetylene) of a water capacity of between 0,5 l and 150 l. It also applies to cylinders of less than 0,5 l water capacity, as far as practicable. This International Standard does not apply to cylinders manifolded in bundles or trailers. This International Standard applies primarily to industrial gases other than liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), but may also be applied to LPG. For specific LPG applications, refer to ISO 10691. For cylinders manifolded in bundles, refer to ISO 11755. NOTE In International Standards, weight is equivalent to a force, expressed in newtons, However, in common parlance (as used in terms defined in this International Standard), the word “weight” continues to be used to mean “mass”, although this practice is deprecated (see ISO 80000-4).


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Framtagen av: Gasflaskor, SIS/TK 296

Internationell titel: Gas cylinders - Cylinders for compressed and liquefied gases (excluding acetylene) - Inspection at time of filling (ISO 24431:2006, IDT)

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Fastställd: 2006-11-29

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