Standard Svensk standard · SS-ISO 21650:2007

Krafter från vågor och strömmar på kustnära byggnadsverk (ISO 21650:2007, IDT)

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This International Standard describes the principles of determining the wave and current actions on structures of the following types in the coastal zone and estuaries:
- breakwaters:
- rubble mound breakwaters;
- vertical and composite breakwaters;
- wave screens;
- floating breakwaters;
- coastal dykes;
- seawalls;
- cylindrical structures (jetties, dolphins, lighthouses, pipelines etc.).
For the rubble mound structures it is not possible to determine the forces on and the stability of each individual armour unit because of the complex flow around and between each armour unit. But there are formulae and principles to estimate the necessary armour unit mass given the design wave conditions. Coefficients in these formulae are based on hydraulic model tests. Since the rubble mound structures are heavily used, they are included in this International Standard, although they may not be treated exactly in accordance with ISO 2394. This International Standard does not include breakwater layout for harbours, layout of structures to manage sediment transport, scour and beach stability or the response of flexible dynamic structures, except vortex induced vibrations.


Byggnadsstommar Allmänt (91.080.01)


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Internationell titel: Actions from waves and currents on coastal structures (ISO 21650:2007, IDT)

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