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Fogmassor och papperstape för gipsskivor - Definitioner, krav och provningsmetoder

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The European Standard specifies the requirements for jointing compounds and paper tapes used to fill and finish the joints formed at the edges and ends of gypsum plasterboards complying with EN 520, products from secondary processing complying with EN 14190, prefabricated gypsum plasterboard panels with a cellular paperboard core complying with EN 13915, thermal/acoustic composite panels complying with EN 13950, preformed plasterboard cornices complying with EN 14209 and gypsum boards with fibrous reinforcement complying with EN 15283 1 and EN 15283 2. This European Standard does not cover tapes which are made from materials other than paper. This European Standard covers the following characteristics: reaction to fire and flexural strength, to be measured according to the relevant test methods in this document.


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Internationell titel: Jointing materials for gypsum boards - Definitions, requirements and test methods

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Fastställd: 2014-07-13

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Ersätter: SS-EN 13963:2005/AC:2006 , SS-EN 13963:2005