Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 502:2013

Tak - Takprodukter - Taktäckning av rostfri plåt

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This European Standard specifies requirements for roofing products used for assembly into coverings for pitched roofs, made from stainless steel, terne coated, tin coated or organic coated stainless steel sheet.
The European Standard establishes general characteristics, definitions and labelling for the products, together with requirements for the materials from which the products can be manufactured. It is intended to be used either by manufacturers to ensure that their products comply with the requirements or by purchasers to verify that the products comply before they are despatched from the factory. It specifies the requirements for products which enable them to meet all normal service conditions. Products can be prefabricated or semiformed products as well as strip, coil and sheet for on-site-formed applications (e.g. standing seam roofs, roll cap).
The European Standard applies to all discontinuously laid and fully supported roofing products made of stainless steel sheet. No requirements for application (e.g. methods of fixing, supporting construction, design of roof system, execution of connections and flashings) are included.
NOTE The standard deals partly with flat products, partly with formed (prefabricated) products. Requirements for preformed self-supporting roofing products are given in EN 508-3.


Yttertak (91.060.20)


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Framtagen av: Takprodukter, taksäkerhet och tätskikt för byggnadsverk, SIS/TK 193

Internationell titel: Roofing products from metal sheet - Specification for fully supported roofing products of stainless steel sheet

Artikelnummer: STD-89612

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Fastställd: 2013-04-03

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Ersätter: SS-EN 502