Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 15644:2008

Traditionellt utformade trappor av solitt trä - Specifikationer och krav

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This European Standard gives specifications and requirements for prefabricated stairs made of solid wood, i.e. where the components contributing to the fulfilment of mechanical resistance and stability characteristics are made of solid wood. These stairs are traditionally designed.
NOTE 1 If the filling of the guarding does not contribute to the mechanical stability and resistance, the used material is not relevant.
NOTE 2 Examples of traditionally made/designed stairs are given in Annex E.

This European Standard covers: stairs either pre-assembled, partly pre-assembled or in component form including balustrades and handrails for internal or external use.

This European Standard does not consider the contribution of these elements to the overall structure design. The ability of a stair to contribute to the overall stability of the works or to the strength of the structure is not covered by this standard.
Carpets on stairs are not covered by this Standard.
The surfaces of the wooden elements may be exposed or covered by finishes.

Where stairs are supplied with a finish or covering, aesthetic or visual characteristics will not be covered by this Standard and references shall be made to the appropriate product standard (e.g. colour fastness of carpet finishes).


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Internationell titel: Traditionally designed prefabricated stairs made of solid wood - Specifications and requirements

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