Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 1994-1-2:2005/A1:2014

Eurocode 4 - Design of composite steel and concrete structures - Part 1-2: General rules - Structural fire design

Status: Valid

Supplementary to Part 1-1. Additional and varied rules to be used for the design of composite structures which are required to avoid premature structural collapse and to limit the spread of fire in the accidental situation of exposure to fire.


Fire-resistance of building materials and elements (13.220.50) Technical aspects (91.010.30) Eurocode 4, Design of composite steel and concrete structures (91.070.04) Eurocodes, fire (91.070.70) Steel structures (91.080.13) Concrete structures (91.080.40)

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Language: Swedish

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Article no: STD-8013642

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Approved: 3/2/2014

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Also available in: SS-EN 1994-1-2:2005/A1:2014

Amendment: SS-EN 1994-1-2:2005 , SS-EN 1994-1-2:2005