SIS is open to all

SIS is open to all. Companies, agencies, non-profit organizations and cooperative societies – all are equally welcome. It’s your needs and your wishes that provide the driving force and determine what we do. As a SIS member, your company or organization is able to join any of the technical committees you choose.

SIS member benefits

Chance to participate

As a SIS member, your company or organization is entitled to participate in technical committees, enabling you to have an impact on future standards in your specific industry. This participation gives you access to advance information about developments and new standards in your field. By participating, you have the chance to influence future standards while simultaneously establishing valuable contacts with customers, as well as with competitors, government agencies and others in your field, in Sweden and elsewhere.

Meeting of the SIS council

When attending SIS council meetings as a member, you play an important role in developing the organization’s operations. Each member has a vote. By exercising this vote, your company or organization is able to influence SIS’ general focus.

Contact us: Phone: +46 8 555 520 00 or email: info@sis.se