Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 1995-1-1:2004/A2:2014

Eurocode 5: Design of timber structures - Part 1-1: General - Common rules and rules for buildings

Status: Valid

General rules for the structural design of buildings and civil engineering works made of timber and/or wood-based panels, either singly or compositely with concrete, steel or other materials. Detailed rules for structural design of buildings.


Technical aspects (91.010.30) Eurocode 5, Design of timber structures (91.070.05) Eurocodes, base (91.070.50) Eurocodes, bridge (91.070.60) Timber structures (91.080.20)

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Language: Swedish

Written by: SIS

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Article no: STD-8019393

Edition: 1

Approved: 5/12/2014

No of pages: 16

Also available in: SS-EN 1995-1-1:2004/A2:2014

Amendment: SS-EN 1995-1-1:2004 , SS-EN 1995-1-1:2004