Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 15004-2:2008

Fixed firefighting systems - Gas extinguishing systems - Part 2: Physical properties and system design of gas extinguishing systems for FK-5-1-12 extinguishant (ISO 14520-5:2006, modified)

Status: Valid

This document gives specific requirements for gaseous fire-extinguishing systems, with respect to the FK-5-1-12 extinguishant. It includes details of physical properties, specification, usage and safety aspects and is applicable to systems operating at nominal pressures of 25 bar and 42 bar with nitrogen propellant. This does not preclude the use of other systems.


Fire-fighting (13.220.10) Fire protection (13.220.20)

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Language: English

Written by: Fasta släcksystem och brandgasventilation, SIS/TK 360/AG 03

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Article no: STD-66830

Edition: 1

Approved: 7/3/2008

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