Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN ISO 9612:2009

Acoustics - Determination of occupational noise exposure - Engineering method (ISO 9612:2009)

Status: Valid

This International Standard specifies an engineering method for measuring workers’ exposure to noise in a working environment and calculating the noise exposure level. This International Standard deals with A-weighted levels but is applicable also to C-weighted levels. Three different strategies for measurement are specified. The method is useful where a determination of noise exposure to engineering grade is required, e.g. for detailed noise exposure studies or epidemiological studies of hearing damage or other adverse effects.

The measuring process requires observation and analysis of the noise exposure conditions so that the quality of the measurements can be controlled. This International Standard provides methods for estimating the uncertainty of the results.

Results of the measurements performed in accordance with this International Standard can provide useful information when defining priorities for noise control measures.

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Noise with respect to human beings (13.140)

Product information

Language: English

Written by: SIS

International title:

Article no: STD-69498

Edition: 1

Approved: 4/14/2009

No of pages: 56

Also available in: SS-EN ISO 9612:2009

Replaces: SS 25400:2005