Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 312:2004

Particleboards - Specifications

Status: Withdrawn · Replaced by: SS-EN 312:2010

This European Standard specifies the requirements for resin-bonded unfaced particleboards. NOTE 1 This standard will be called up in EN 13986 for construction applications. The values listed in this standard relate to product properties but they are not characteristic values to be used in design calculations. NOTE 2 Such characteristic values (e. g. for use in design calculation in ENV 1995-1-1) are given either in EN 12369-1 or derived by testing according to EN 789, EN 1058 and ENV 1156. Additional information on supplementary properties for certain applications is also given. NOTE 3 Particleboards in accordance with this standard may be referred to as P1 to P7-boards. NOTE 4 A new grade of board type P3 has been included and is intended for use as a non load-bearing board for use in humid conditions. Boards of type P4 to P7 are intended for use in design and construction of load-bearing or stiffening building elements, e. g. walls, flooring, roofing and I-beams (see EN V 1995-1-1 and/or performance standards). This standard does not give requirements for Oriented Strand Boards (OSB); these are set out in EN 300. This standard does not apply to extruded particleboards.


Fibre and particle boards (79.060.20) Boards (92.300.30) Boards (94.350)

Product information

Language: English

Written by: Träbaserade skivor, SIS/TK 182/AG 08

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Article no: STD-35160

Edition: 1

Approved: 1/23/2004

No of pages: 19

Replaces: SS-EN 312-1 , SS-EN 312-2 , SS-EN 312-3 , SS-EN 312-6 , SS-EN 312-7 , SS-EN 312-5 , SS-EN 312-4

Replaced by: SS-EN 312:2010