Standard Swedish standard · SS-ISO 44001:2017

Collaborative business relationship management systems - Requirements and framework (ISO 44001:2017, IDT)

Status: Valid

ISO 44001:2017 specifies requirements for the effective identification, development and management of collaborative business relationships within or between organizations. ISO 44001:2017 is applicable to private and public organizations of all sizes, from large multinational corporations and government organizations, to non-profit organizations and micro/small businesses. Application of ISO 44001:2017 can be on several different levels, e.g. ? a single application (including operating unit, operating division, single project or programme, mergers and acquisitions); ? an individual relationship (including one-to-one relationships, alliance, partnership, business customers, joint venture); ? multiple identified relationships (including multiple partner alliances, consortia, joint ventures, networks, extended enterprise arrangements and end-to-end supply chains); ? full application organization-wide for all identified relationship types.


General (03.100.01) Management systems (03.100.70)

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Approved: 3/29/2017

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