Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN ISO 10052:2004

Acoustics - Field measurements of airborne and impact sound insulation and of service equipment sound - Survey method (ISO 10052:2004)

Status: Valid · Amended by: SS-EN ISO 10052:2004/A1:2010

This document specifies field survey methods for measuring: a) airborne sound insulation between rooms; b) impact sound insulation of floors; c) airborne sound insulation of façades; and d) sound pressure levels in rooms caused by service equipment. The methods described in this document are applicable for measurements in rooms of dwellings or in rooms of comparable size with a maximum of 150 m3. For airborne sound insulation, impact sound insulation and façade sound insulation the method gives values which are (octave band) frequency dependent. They can be converted into a single number characterising the acoustical performances by application of EN ISO 717-1 and EN ISO 717-2. For service equipment sound the results are given directly in A - or C -weighted sound pressure levels.


Noise emitted by machines and equipment (17.140.20) Acoustics in building, sound insulation (91.120.20) General (91.140.01) Acoustics (92.200.40)

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Approved: 12/30/2004

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