Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 14908-5:2009

Open Data Communication in Building Automation, Controls and Building Management Implementation Guideline - Control Network Protocol - Part 5: Implementation

Status: Valid

This specification provides mechanisms through which various vendors of networked control systems in commercial building automation, control, and building management may exchange information in a standardised way.

This specification contains all the information necessary to facilitate the exchange of data and control information in an interoperable fashion using EN 14908-1 and its associated data-transport media specifications.

This specification establishes a minimal set of rules for compliance. It does not rule-out extended services to be provided, given that the rules are adhered-to within the system. It is the intention of the standard to permit extended services to coexist and defines the bounds in which those services function, including the format for internal device-documentation of those services. Services outside purvey of this specification so long as they are adherents of the system are permitted but will not necessarily be interoperable with any other devices and shall not be essential for the functioning of the device.

Certain aspects of this standard are defined in other documents. These documents are referenced where relevant. In the case where a referenced standard conflicts with this document, this document will prevail.


IT applications in building and construction industry (35.240.67) Physical planning, town planning (91.020) General (91.140.01) Automatic controls for household use (97.120)

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Language: English

Written by: Värme och kylsystem, SIS/TK 189/AG 03

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Article no: STD-69622

Edition: 1

Approved: 5/8/2009

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