Standard Swedish standard · SS-ISO 15665:2004

Acoustics - Acoustic insulation for pipes, valves and flanges (ISO 15665:2003 + Cor 1:2004, IDT)

Status: Valid

This International Standard defines the acoustic performance of three classes (Classes A, B and C) of pipe insulation. It also specifies three types of construction that will meet these acoustic performance classes.
Furthermore, this International Standard defines a standardized test method for measuring the acoustic performance of any type of construction, thereby allowing existing and new insulation constructions to be rated against the three classes.
This International Standard is applicable to the acoustic insulation of cylindrical steel pipes and to their piping components. It is valid for pipes up to 1 m in diameter and a minimum wall thickness of 4,2 mm for diameters below 300 mm, and 6,3 mm for diameters from 300 mm and above. It is not applicable to the acoustic insulation of rectangular ducting and vessels or machinery.
This International Standard covers both design and installation aspects of acoustic insulation and provides guidance to assist noise control engineers in determining the required class and extent of insulation needed for a particular application. It gives typical examples of construction methods, but the examples are for information only and not meant to be prescriptive.
This International Standard emphasises the aspects of acoustic insulation that are different from those of thermal insulation, serving to guide both the installer and the noise control engineer. Details of thermal insulation are beyond the scope of this International Standard.


Noise emitted by machines and equipment (17.140.20) Acoustics in building, sound insulation (91.120.20)

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