Standard Swedish standard · SS-ENV 13797

Corrosion protection - Carbon and low alloy steels for use in hydrogen sulfide containing environments in oil and gas production - Materials and test methods - Guidelines

Status: Valid

This European Prestandard: a) defines the types of cracking and the conditions under which each can occur in carbon and low alloy steels in wet H2 S-containing environments; b) gives guidelines for the materials to be used to prevent such cracking; c) gives test methods for evaluating materials performance. Corrosive conditions can lead to failures by mechanisms other than hydrogen assisted cracking and should be mitigated by corrosion control measures that are outside the scope of this European Prestandard. This European Prestandard recommends the types of carbon and low alloy steels that may be used safely in H2 S-containing environments in oil and gas production systems. It does not cover corrosion resistant alloys or extend to refinery operations.


Corrosion of metals (77.060) Steels (77.080.20)

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Written by: SIS - Materialteknik

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Article no: STD-29505

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Approved: 1/12/2001

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