Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN ISO 3690:2018

Welding and allied processes - Determination of hydrogen content in arc weld metal (ISO 3690:2018)

Status: Valid

This document specifies the sampling and analytical procedure for the determination of diffusible hydrogen in martensitic, bainitic, and ferritic steel weld metal arising from the welding of such steels using arc welding processes with filler material. The techniques specified in this document include collection of diffusible hydrogen via displacement of mercury or collection into a headspace filled with an inert gas such as argon. The amount of hydrogen collected is determined by measuring the displaced volume in the former and by, for example, thermal conductivity in the latter. The temperature for collection of diffusible hydrogen is controlled to avoid thermal activation of non-diffusible hydrogen. NOTE Recommendations and restrictions in regard to older methods of measurement using glycerine are given in Annex B for any comparison work to these older methods.


Welded joints and welds (25.160.40)

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Approved: 9/18/2018

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Replaces: SS-EN ISO 3690:2012