Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN ISO 14713-2:2009

Zinc coatings - Guidelines and recommendations for the protection against corrosion of iron and steel in structures - Part 2: Hot dip galvanizing (ISO 14713-2:2009)

Status: Withdrawn · Replaced by: SS-EN ISO 14713-2:2020

This part of ISO 14713 provides guidelines and recommendations regarding the general principles of design which are appropriate for articles to be hot dip galvanized for corrosion protection.

The protection afforded by the hot dip galvanized coating to the article will depend upon the method of application of the coating, the design of the article and the specific environment to which the article is exposed. The hot dip galvanized article can be further protected by application of additional coatings (outside the scope of this part of ISO 14713), such as organic coatings (paints or powder coatings). When applied to hot dip galvanized articles, this combination of coatings is often known as a “duplex system”.

The guidelines and recommendations in this part of ISO 14713 do not deal with the maintenance of corrosion protection in service for steel with hot dip galvanized coatings. Guidance on this subject can be found in ISO 12944-5.

Specific product-related requirements (e.g. for hot dip galvanized coatings on tubes or fasteners, etc.) will take precedence over these general recommendations.


Metallic coatings (25.220.40) Metal structures (91.080.10)

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Approved: 12/21/2009

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Also available in: SS-EN ISO 14713-2:2009

Replaces: SS-EN ISO 14713

Replaced by: SS-EN ISO 14713-2:2020