Standard Swedish standard · SS-ISO 11084-2:2007

Graphic technology - Register systems for photographic materials, foils and paper - Part 2: Register pin systems for plate making (ISO 11084-2:2006, IDT)

Status: Valid

This part of ISO 11084 specifies the shapes, dimensions and positions for the pins and holes of a register system used to achieve accurate image positioning on a printing forme during the plate-making operations undertaken during the printing forme preparation process. It is also applicable to plate-bending equipment and transfer systems required to convert between register pin systems. This part of ISO 11084 is applicable to prepress pin registering system for plate making using printing formes W 420 mm × 594 mm (A2). It is applicable by analogy to the pin register systems of printing presses.


General (37.100.01)

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Written by: SIS - Miljö och energi

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Article no: STD-63930

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Approved: 11/21/2007

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