Standard Technical reports · SIS-TR 91101:2016

Digital social alarm - Social care alarm internet protocol (SCAIP) - Test specification

Status: Valid

This technical report is a compliance test specification for SS 91100:2014, Digital social alarm – Social care alarm internet protocol (SCAIP) – Specification.

The tests specified in this technical report are focused on the exchange of data.

No tests are specified to verify alarm repetition, error in network communication, alarm sequences, VoIP quality and settings or hardware capabilities.

The tests assume a correct implementation of the internet protocols used in the link, internet, transport or application layers. These tests are not intended to claim compliance to those internet protocols.


General (11.180.01) Alarm and warning systems (13.320) General (35.020) Software development and system documentation (35.080) IT applications in health care technology (35.240.80)

Product information

Language: English

Written by: SIS - Informationshantering

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Article no: STD-8019179

Edition: 2

Approved: 2/25/2016

No of pages: 16

Replaces: SIS-TR 91101:2014