Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 14045

Packaging - Evaluation of the disintegration of packaging materials in practical oriented tests under defined composting conditions

Status: Valid

This European Standard is used to evaluate the disintegration of packaging materials in a pilot-scale aerobic composting test under defined conditions. Other methods should be used to measure the biodegradability of the packaging materials. Packaging materials are mixed with biowaste and spontaneously composted for 12 weeks in practical oriented composting conditions. At the end of the composting cycle the disintegration is measured by sieving of the compost and the calculation of a mass balance. The influence of the tested sample on the quality of the compost can be studied by using the compost obtained at the end of the composting process for further measurements such as chemical analyses and ecotoxicity tests. Additionally this method can be used for visual perception and photographic documentation of the disintegration of packaging materials and for evaluating the effect of their addition on the composting process.


Other (13.030.99) Packaging materials and accessories (55.040)

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Approved: 3/28/2003

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