Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 54-29:2015

Fire detection and fire alarm systems - Part 29: Multi-sensor fire detectors - Point detectors using a combination of smoke and heat sensors

Status: Valid

This European Standard specifies requirements, test methods and performance criteria for point-type multi-sensor fire detectors for use in fire detection systems installed in buildings (see EN 54 1:2011), incorporating in one mechanical enclosure at least one optical or ionization smoke sensor and at least one heat sensor. The overall fire detection performance is determined utilizing the combination of the detected phenomena. This European Standard provides for the assessment and verification of constancy of performance (AVCP) of point detectors using a combination of smoke and heat sensors to this EN. Point detectors using a combination of smoke and heat sensors having special characteristics suitable for the detection of specific fire risks are not covered by this European Standard. The performance requirements for any additional functions are beyond the scope of this European Standard (e.g. additional features or enhanced functionality for which this European Standard does not define a test or assessment method). NOTE Certain types of detector contain radioactive materials. The national requirements for radiation protection differ from country to country and they are not specified in this European Standard.


Fire protection (13.220.20)

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