Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 1822-1:2019

High efficiency air filters (EPA, HEPA and ULPA) - Part 1: Classification, performance testing, marking

Status: Valid

This document applies to high efficiency particulate and ultra-low penetration air filters (EPA, HEPA and ULPA) used in the field of ventilation and air conditioning and for technical processes, e.g. for applications in clean room technology or pharmaceutical industry. It establishes a procedure for the determination of the efficiency on the basis of a particle counting method using a liquid (or alternatively a solid) test aerosol and allows a standardized classification of these filters in terms of their efficiency, both local and integral efficiency.


Stationary source emissions (13.040.40) Ventilators, fans, air-conditioners (23.120) Ventilation and air-conditioning systems (91.140.30)

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Language: English

Written by: Filter, SIS/TK 170/AG 01

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Article no: STD-80011324

Edition: 3

Approved: 4/16/2019

No of pages: 32

Replaces: SS-EN 1822-1:2009