Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 16883:2017

Conservation of cultural heritage - Guidelines for improving the energy performance of historic buildings

Status: Valid

This European Standard provides guidelines for sustainably improving the energy performance of historic buildings, e.g. historically, architecturally or culturally valuable buildings, while respecting their heritage significance. The use of this standard is not limited to buildings with statutory heritage designation, it applies to historic buildings of all types and ages. This European Standard presents a normative working procedure for selecting measures to improve energy performance, based on an investigation, analysis and documentation of the building including its heritage significance. The procedure assesses the impact of those measures in relation to preserving the character-defining elements of the building.


Thermal insulation of buildings (91.120.10) Items of art and handicrafts. Cultural property and heritage (97.195)

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Written by: SIS - Miljö och energi

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Article no: STD-8026854

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Approved: 6/12/2017

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