Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 1998-5:2004

Eurocode 8: Design of structures for earthquake resistance - Part 5: Foundations, retaining structures and geotechnical aspects

Status: Valid

(1) PThis Part of Eurocode 8 establishes the requirements, criteria, and rules for thesiting and foundation soil of structures for earthquake resistance. It covers the design ofdifferent foundation systems, the design of earth retaining structures and soil-structureinteraction under seismic actions. As such it complements Eurocode 7 which does notcover the special requirements of seismic design.

(2) PThe provisions of Part 5 apply to buildings (EN 1998-1), bridges (EN 1998-2),towers, masts and chimneys (EN 1998-6), silos, tanks and pipelines (EN 1998-4).

(3) PSpecialised design requirements for the foundations of certain types ofstructures, when necessary, shall be found in the relevant Parts of Eurocode 8.

(4) Annex B of this Eurocode provides empirical charts for simplified evaluation ofliquefaction potential, while Annex E gives a simplified procedure for seismic analysisof retaining structures.

NOTE 1 Informative Annex A provides information on topographic amplification factors.
NOTE 2 Informative Annex C provides information on the static stiffness of piles.
NOTE 3 Informative Annex D provides information on dynamic soil-structure interaction.
NOTE 4 Informative Annex F provides information on the seismic bearing capacity of shallowfoundations.


Eurocode 8, Design of structures for earthquake resistance (91.070.08) Seismic and vibration protection (91.120.25)

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