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Aerospace series - Programme Management - Guide for the management of Systems Engineering

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Based on the following considerations: ? reminder of Systems Engineering and its scope of application, ? positioning of SE management in Programme Management and in relation to Systems Engineering technical activities, ? identification of interfaces between SE management and the other disciplines linked to Programme Management, the purpose of this standard is: ? to help the acquirer and the Organization to establish management requirements for SE activities, ? to help the supplier to construct the elements of the management plan (explain how to reply in particular to the management requirements). This standard applies to the various levels of the product tree for the products that can be considered as systems: ? in the general case of an supplier which, with the help of one or more suppliers, develops a system on behalf of an acquirer, ? in the case of an integrated team (sharing of SE roles, responsibilities and risks). NOTE ISO/IEC/IEEE 24765:2010 integrated team should include organisation discipline and functions which have a stake in the success of the work products. This standard constitutes a guide illustrating the requirements and possible responses for SE management. It can be used as a check-list which should be adapted or completed according to the specific context of each project.


Space systems and operations (49.140)

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