Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 338:2009

Structural timber - Strength classes

Status: Withdrawn · Replaced by: SS-EN 338:2016 , SS-EN 338:2016

This European Standard establishes a system of strength classes for general use in structural codes.

It gives characteristic strength and stiffness properties and density values for each class and the rules for the allocation of timber populations (i.e. combinations of species, source and grade) to the classes.

This standard is applicable to all softwood and hardwood timber for structural use.


Wood, sawlogs and sawn timber (79.040) Timber structures (91.080.20) Wood (92.300.20)

Product information

Language: English

Written by: Bärande träkonstruktioner, SIS/TK 182/AG 04

International title:

Article no: STD-71643

Edition: 3

Approved: 11/5/2009

No of pages: 20

Replaces: SS-EN 338

Replaced by: SS-EN 338:2016 , SS-EN 338:2016