Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 14465:2004

Textiles - Upholstery fabrics - Specification and methods of test

Status: Valid · Amended by: SS-EN 14465:2004/A1:2006

This standard specifies a set of properties relevant to the assessment of upholstery fabrics for indoor furniture and the appropriate test methods to determine these properties. It also describes a matrix system to express the material properties of an upholstery fabric.
This standard applies to upholstery fabrics both in domestic and public use, except when used for the seats of road or railway vehicles, boats or aeroplanes.
This standard does not apply to upholstery fabrics with a coating on the wear face.


Textile fabrics (59.080.30) Furniture (97.140)

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Written by: Mekaniska egenskaper, SIS/TK 160/AG 04

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Article no: STD-35024

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Approved: 1/9/2004

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