Standard Swedish standard · SS-ISO 6469-4:2016

Electrically propelled road vehicles - Safety specifications - Part 4: Post crash electrical safety requirements (ISO 6469-4:2015, IDT)

Status: Valid

This part of ISO 6469 specifies safety requirements for the electric propulsion systems and conductively connected auxiliary electric systems of electrically propelled road vehicles for the protection of persons inside and outside the vehicle. It specifies electrical safety requirements for vehicle post-crash conditions.
It applies to electrically propelled road vehicles with voltage class B electric circuits.
It does not apply to motorcycles and mopeds.
It does not specify any crash test procedure. The safety requirements of this part of ISO 6469 apply to applicable vehicles in accordance with published crash test procedures of each country or region. Applicable vehicles are those vehicles which are explicitly specified in these crash test procedures.
It does not provide comprehensive safety information for first responders, emergency services, maintenance, and repair personnel.


Electric road vehicles (43.120)

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