Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 16910-1:2018

Railway applications - Rolling stock - Requirements for non-destructive testing on running gear in railway maintenance - Part 1: Wheelsets

Status: Valid

This European Standard provides the specific requirements for NDT of wheelsets for: - in-service maintenance; - off-vehicle maintenance; - NDT personnel; - NDT documentation (Procedure and Instruction); - traceability of the maintenance NDT results. It gives guidance for the introduction of new NDT techniques. For this standard, the following NDT methods are considered: - Ultrasonic testing (UT); - Magnetic particle testing (MT); - Eddy Current testing (ET). Examples of common NDT indications are given in an informative annex. Other methods considered in EN ISO 9712:2012 are outside the scope of this standard. For this purpose, a catalogue of the common defects is given as guidance. Specific NDT requirements relating to the quality of new products delivered by manufacturers are not within the scope of this European Standard.


Materials and components for railway engineering (45.040) Trailing stock (45.060.20) Other (55.180.99) Construction of railways (93.100)

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