Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 13260:2020

Railway applications - Wheelsets and bogies - Wheelsets - Product requirements

Status: Valid

This European Standard specifies the characteristics of wheelsets for all track gauges.
This document applies to heavy rail vehicles but can also apply to other applications such as light rail, tramway or metro vehicles.
This standard is applicable to wheelsets comprising elements that conform to the following European Standards:
- EN 13261 for axles.
- EN 13262 for wheels;
The requirements defined in this standard are applicable for cylindrical seats. Most of the requirements are also applicable for wheelsets with conical seats. Specific requirements for conical seats (e.g. fitting diagrams, geometrical dimensions of the seats…) are defined in the technical specification.
Some characteristics are given as a function of a category 1 or of a category 2.


Railway applications (14.540) Materials and components for railway engineering (45.040)

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Language: English

Written by: Std Verkstad

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Article no: STD-80024074

Edition: 3

Approved: 9/8/2020

No of pages: 44

Replaces: SS-EN 13260:2009+A1:2010