Standard Technical reports · SIS-CEN ISO/TR 20172:2009

Welding - Grouping systems for materials - European materials (ISO/TR 20172:2009)

Status: Valid

This Technical Report establishes a European grouping system for materials for welding purposes, classified in accordance with the grouping system of ISO/TR 15608. It is also applicable for other purposes such as heat treatment, forming and non-destructive testing. This Technical Report covers grouping systems for the following standardized materials:

a) steel;
b) aluminium and its alloys;
c) copper and its alloys;
d) cast irons.

In case of dispute, for example where variations in properties such as thickness and yield strength occur, ISO/TR 15608 applies.


Welding consumables (25.160.20)

Product information

Language: English

Written by: AGS 445 Kvalifikationskrav vid svetsning, SIS/TK 134/AG 05

International title:

Article no: STD-69991

Edition: 2

Approved: 6/24/2009

No of pages: 48

Replaces: SIS-CEN ISO/TR 20172:2007