Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN ISO 14731:2019

Welding coordination - Tasks and responsibilities (ISO 14731:2019)

Status: Valid

This document identifies the essential welding quality related tasks and responsibilities included in welding coordination. The principle of an assessment according to this document is that welding coordination personnel need to be competent in the welding-related tasks allocated to them. It is presumed that welding coordination personnel have the necessary education, qualifications and experience and are appointed by the manufacturer. Regulatory documents, application standards and contracts can give specific requirements for welding coordination personnel. Otherwise, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to determine the requirements to be in compliance with this document.


General (25.160.01) Welding processes (25.160.10)

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Language: English

Written by: AGS 447 Kvalitetssäkring vid svetsning, SIS/TK 134/AG 07

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Article no: STD-80010749

Edition: 2

Approved: 4/2/2019

No of pages: 24

Replaces: SS-EN ISO 14731:2006 , SS-EN ISO 14731:2006