Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN ISO 3882

Metallic and other inorganic coatings - Review of methods of measurement of thickness (ISO 3882:2003)

Status: Valid

This International Standard reviews methods for measuring the thickness of metallic and other inorganic coatings on both metallic and non-metallic substrates (see Tables 1, 2 and 3). It is limited to tests already specified, or to be specified, in International Standards, and excludes certain tests that are used for special applications.


Surface treatment (25.220.20) Metallic coatings (25.220.40)

Product information

Language: English

Written by: SIS - Materialteknik

International title:

Article no: STD-34012

Edition: 2

Approved: 5/9/2003

No of pages: 14

Replaces: SS-ISO 3882 , SS-EN ISO 3882