Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN ISO 10993-5:2009

Biological evaluation of medical devices - Part 5: Tests for in vitro cytotoxicity (ISO 10993-5:2009)

Status: Valid

This part of ISO 10993 describes test methods to assess the in vitro cytotoxicity of medical devices. These methods specify the incubation of cultured cells in contact with a device and/or extracts of a device either directly or through diffusion. These methods are designed to determine the biological response of mammalian cells in vitro using appropriate biological parameters.


Biological evaluation of medical devices (11.100.20)

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Language: English

Written by: SIS - Hälso- och sjukvård

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Article no: STD-70026

Edition: 2

Approved: 6/15/2009

No of pages: 52

Replaces: SS-EN ISO 10993-5