Standard Swedish standard · SS 91100:2014

Digital social alarm - Social care alarm internet protocol (SCAIP) - Specification

Status: Valid

This standard specifies the Social Care Alarm Internet Protocol SCAIP. This standard describes how the protocol handles a multimedia communication stream and how to send event messages between the Alarm Sender and the Alarm Receiver over an IP communication network such as Internet. The alarm protocol is defined as an XML schema including the alarm types, codes and additional information required to fulfil the requested functionality. The Social Care Alarm communication protocol uses an additional transport protocol SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) to set up and to handle addressing and transport functions.


General (11.180.01) Alarm and warning systems (13.320) General (35.020) Software development and system documentation (35.080) IT applications in health care technology (35.240.80)

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Article no: STD-101762

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Approved: 4/28/2014

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