Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 10312

Welded stainless steel tubes for the conveyance of aqueous liquids including water for human consumption - Technical delivery conditions

Status: Valid · Amended by: SS-EN 10312/A1:2005

This European Standard specifies the technical delivery conditions for light gauge welded stainless steel tubes, primarily for water application, including water intended for human consumption, supplied in straight lengths and suitable for use with compression fittings or press fittings or for adhesive bonding, silver brazing or inert gas welding of capillary fittings. The standard is applicable to the size range from 6 mm to 267 mm outside diameter made of stainless (except martensitic and precipitation hardening) steel grades taken from EN 10088-2.


Iron and steel pipes (23.040.10)

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Language: English

Written by: SIS - Materialteknik

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Article no: STD-33490

Edition: 1

Approved: 1/17/2003

No of pages: 28

Also available in: SS-EN 10312