Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 10298:2005

Steel tubes and fittings for on shore and offshore pipelines - Internal lining with cement mortar

Status: Valid

This European Standard specifies requirements for cement mortar linings for protecting the internal surface of steel tubes and pipeline components. It also specifies requirements for their application. It is applicable to the linings of tubes that have been welded longitudinally or spirally, seamless tubes and non-alloy steel components used for fluid transportation. This European Standard does not cover in situ applied or rehabilitation linings. This type of lining is used in particular in the transport and distribution, under pressure or by gravity, of water intended for human consumption and industrial use, and also in fire extinguishing and waste water systems. The temperature of the water transported should not exceed 50 °C. Higher working temperature can be used by agreement of the parties. The constituent materials of cement mortar lining, when used under the conditions for which they are designed, in permanent or temporary contact with water intended for human consumption, shall not change the quality of that water to such an extent that it fails to comply with the requirements of European regulations. For this purpose, reference shall be made to the relevant national standards transposing EN standards when available, dealing with the influence of materials on water quality.


Iron and steel pipes (23.040.10) Metal fittings (23.040.40) Other (25.220.99)

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