Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN ISO 28802:2012

Ergonomics of the physical environment - Assessment of environments by means of an environmental survey involving physical measurements of the environment and subjective responses of people (ISO 28802:2012)

Status: Valid

The aim of the standard is to provide a standard environmental survey method for the assessment of the comfort and well being of occupants of indoor and outdoor environments. It is not restricted to any particular environment but provides the general principles that allow assessment and evaluation. The standard applies to built environments as well as to other indoor environments, vehicle environments and outdoor environments. There may be specific features of certain types of environment that have to be taken into account, however the general principles outlined in this standard will apply. The standard applies to all occupants of environments who can be considered to provide valid responses to an environmental survey. The standard presents the principles of conducting an environmental survey to assess the comfort and well being of people in environments. It involves guidance on the design of the survey as well as guidance on environmental measurements to quantify the environment and subjective assessment methods to quantify the occupants’ responses to that environment. This standard is not restricted to specific environmental components. It includes assessment of thermal environments, the acoustic environment, lighting, air quality and other environmental factors that could be considered to influence the comfort and well being of the occupants of an environment. This standard is a basic ergonomics standard which can contribute to the development of standards concerned with specific environments such as those found in buildings for example. The standard applies where ethical considerations and acceptable practices involving people have been carried out. This standard is intended to be used by people involved in the general assessment and evaluation of physical environments. It includes general ergonomics practitioners as well as those who develop standards and guidelines for specific applications.


Thermal environments (12.030) Ergonomics (13.180)

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