Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN ISO 20685-1:2018

3-D scanning methodologies for internationally compatible anthropometric databases - Part 1: Evaluation protocol for body dimensions extracted from 3-D body scans (ISO 20685-1:2018)

Status: Valid

This document addresses protocols for the use of 3-D surface-scanning systems in the acquisition of human body shape data and measurements defined in ISO 7250-1 that can be extracted from 3-D scans. While mainly concerned with whole-body scanners, it is also applicable to body-segment scanners (head scanners, hand scanners, foot scanners). It does not apply to instruments that measure the location and/or motion of individual landmarks. The intended audience is those who use 3-D scanners to create 1-D anthropometric databases and the users of 1-D anthropometric data from 3-D scanners. Although not necessarily aimed at the designers and manufacturers of those systems, scanner designers and manufacturers can find it useful in meeting the needs of clients who build and use 1-D anthropometric databases.


Anthropomerty and biomechanics (12.050) Ergonomics (13.180)

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Written by: Belastningsergonomi, SIS/TK 380/AG 01

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Article no: STD-80008730

Edition: 1

Approved: 12/18/2018

No of pages: 32

Replaces: SS-EN ISO 20685:2010