Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 15936:2012

Sludge, treated biowaste, soil and waste - Determination of total organic carbon (TOC) by dry combustion

Status: Valid

This European Standard specifies two methods for the determination of total organic carbon (TOC) in sludge, treated biowaste, soil, waste and sediment samples containing more than 1 g carbon per kg of dry matter (0,1 %). When present, elementary carbon, carbides, cyanides, cyanates, isocyanates, isothiocyanates and thio-cyanates are determined as organic carbon using the methods described in this European Standard. An interpretation of the measured value may therefore be problematic in cases where the samples contain relevant levels of the above mentioned components. If necessary, these components should be determined separately by means of a suitable validated procedure and be recorded in the test report. For sludge, treated biowaste and soil only Method A is validated.


General (13.030.01)

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