Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 615:2009

Fire protection - Fire extinguishing media - Specifications for powders (other than class D powders)

Status: Valid

This European Standard is applicable to fire extinguishing powders for fire classes A, B and C. It specifies, by means of defined test methods, minimum requirements for the chemical and physical properties and minimum extinguishing capabilities. Requirements are also specified for the information and data to be given by the supplier.

This European Standard is not applicable to powders for class D fires.

NOTE 1 The classification of fires is given in EN 2 [1].

NOTE 2 Some countries have national standards for class D powders.


Fire-fighting (13.220.10)

Product information

Language: English

Written by: Fasta släcksystem och brandgasventilation, SIS/TK 360/AG 03

International title:

Article no: STD-69578

Edition: 2

Approved: 4/27/2009

No of pages: 44

Replaces: SS-EN 615/AC:2006 , SS-EN 615 , SS-EN 615/A1