Standard Technical specification · SIS-CEN/TS 17470:2020

Service model for social care alarms

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This document 'Service model for social care alarms', provides a framework and recommendations for the roles and responsibilities of the different actors in the social care alarm service chain. The following topics are included in this document: 1. Service user perspective: objectives, roles, needs and processes 2. Process description for the service chain, including: — service user experience, installation and instruction, use, service accessability, response arrangements, access management — marketing, sales, referral, review and termination — customer billing and income collection 3. Good practice of service provision: quality and risk management, including security, privacy and requirements for infrastructure. Technology and organization structure independence are important features of this document, the service model for social care alarms. This document contains “Requirements” and “Recommendations”. Requirements describe good practice that shall be achieved by all service providers modelling this document. Recommendations describe good practice that is not universally accepted across Europe and which service providers may wish to model.


Services for consumers (03.080.30) Alarm and warning systems (13.320)

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