Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 12753:2005+A1:2010

Thermal cleaning systems for exhaust gas from surface treatment equipment - Safety requirements

Status: Valid

1.1 This European Standard is applicable to thermal cleaning systems for exhaust gas from surface treatment equipment/systems as given below in which the concentration of exhaust gas to be cleaned (for the purpose of this European Standard, named "process gas") at the inlet to the thermal cleaning system is safely limited within the concentration ranges given in

Surface treatment equipment includes:
- dryers according to EN 1539, curing equipment;
- flash-off areas;
- coating plants (e.g. closed spray booths, open fronted spray booths);
- machines using flammable solvents for the pre-treatment and cleaning of products or equipment (e.g. barrels, tins, cans or containers);
- related solvent handling equipment.

This European Standard deals only with the significant hazards from fire and explosion and hazards generated by residual process gases as listed in Clause 4, when used as intended and under the conditions foreseen by the manufacturer.

The types of thermal cleaning systems covered in this European Standard are
- direct combustion, and
- catalytic combustion

(see definitions in 3.1.1 and 3.1.2).

This European Standard applies in conjunction with the relevant requirements of EN 746-1 and EN 746-2.

For the purpose of this European Standard a thermal cleaning system for process gas contains the following components: fan(s), heat exchanger, process space, main and supporting burner, injection system, power driven dampers, control and power circuits joined together for the processing of flammable substances, predominantly volatile organic compounds, by effecting oxidation.

NOTE Thermal cleaning equipment is usually integrated with systems as covered by e.g. EN 1010-1, EN 1539, EN 12215, EN 12921-1 or EN 12921-3.

1.2 This European Standard is not applicable to:
- thermal paint removal systems;
- pyrolytic systems.


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International title: Thermal cleaning systems for exhaust gas from surface treatment equipment - Safety requirements

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Replaces: SS-EN 12753:2005