Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 16738:2015

Emission safety of combustible air fresheners - Test methods

Status: Valid

This European standard specifies a test method for the determination of emissions resulting from the use of combustible air fresheners into indoor air by means of chamber operation according to EN ISO 16000-9.

This standard defines specific testing conditions for the measurement of the emissions from combustible air fresheners which minimize the effect of the testing on the combustion process.

This standard provides a measurement method for the determination of the following non-exhaustive list of target substances emitted directly from the burning process:
— VOC;
— Benzene;
— Naphthalene;
— Formaldehyde.

The measurement method can allow the determination of other substances.
This standard provides additional information on the optional measurement of the following substances:
— SO2;
— NOx;
— CO.

This standard is not suitable for the quantitative determination of particulate matter.
This standard does not apply to non-combustible air fresheners and loose incenses.
Any scented candle with burning time shorter than 2,5 h is outside the scope of the standard.


Ambient atmospheres (13.040.20)

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